Close up of seeds of Aspidosperma subincanum sorted by hands

© Adriano Gambarini


Hand holding a bowl with leaves

© Erika Nortemann/The Nature Conservancy

Our Services

The Nature for Water team delivers hand-in-hand support to local champions interested in leveraging Nature-based Solutions for water security outcomes. We provide a suite of technical assistance services across pre-feasibility, feasibility, design and execution for watershed investment programs.

Our Services

Aerial view of Sungai Wain Forest Reserve in East Kalimantan on the island of Borneo, Indonesia

© Ahmad Fuadi/The Nature Conservancy

Call for Proposal Windows

We offer a call-for-proposals window every nine months that awards the Nature for Water team support to exceptional watershed investment programs driving meaningful water security and biodiversity outcomes.

CfP Windows

Aerials of the Flint Hills in the Beaumont area, Wichita, Kansas

© Jim Richardson