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The Nature for Water Facility provides local sponsors of watershed investment programs – usually utilities, government agencies, or NGOs – with the hand-in-hand technical assistance for driving forward stakeholder dialogue and generating consensus. Our focus lies on providing the appropriate interdisciplinary services across political-economy, hydrology, GIS, finance, governance and water sector management to provide informed solutions.

We provide clients with a ‘continuity of care’ across the program development lifecycle from Pre-feasibility through to Execution, with an aim towards understanding of the required connection points between phases to generate lasting and meaningful watershed outcomes. See Portfolio for detail of our track record with place-based engagements.

The Nature for Water team provides its advisory services via fee-for-service partnerships (please contact us for further details) as well as ‘Sponsored Engagements’ organized through our regular Call for Proposal windows.


What is the high-level for NbS to address water security challenges?

  • Stakeholder and institutional mapping
  • Preliminary NbS options selection and evaluation
  • Summary pre-feasibility analysis

Is there a specific viable path to deploy NbS and achieve impact?

  • Detailed NbS options assessment within local context
  • NbS investment portfolio identification via biophysical modeling & GIS mapping
  • Business case evaluation detailing ROI for watershed beneficiaries

How can interest & ambition be married into a cohesive package?

  • Establishing program vision / SMART objectives
  • Sustainable funding strategy
  • Program governance recommendation

How is the program operationalized for adaptively managing towards long-term objectives?

  • Monitoring and evaluation program design
  • Annual implementation planning & reporting
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