Aerial view of Sungai Wain Forest Reserve in East Kalimantan on the island of Borneo, Indonesia

© Ahmad Fuadi/TNC

Call for Proposals Window

The Nature for Water Facility issues Calls for Proposals every six months. Winners receive sponsored technical assistance to develop their watershed investment program. Support aims to advance local watershed investment programs to the next development phase—e.g. “Pre-feasibility”, “Feasibility”, “Design”, or “Execution” (as per our Services page).

nature for water facility cfp windows

Application Details

The next Call for Proposals window will open in October 2022.  Please sign up below to receive our save the date:

Follow-up with applicants will be conducted per the schedule in Section 6 - Communication Protocol as detailed in the Call for Proposals Guidance Note.

Please note that this is the first of many opportunities for watershed investment programs to apply for support from the Facility. Each Call for Proposals will look to select between three to five applicants to receive sponsored support. The selection process spans approximately three months, from the submission deadline through to final selection. The process is concluded with the issuing of contracted agreements between the Facility and the selected applicants.



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Call For Proposals

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Birch forest, close up on trunks

© Mikhail Kapychka/TNC